Dynamik Solutionz's Accounting: Precision, compliance, and strategic insights for a solid financial foundation and business prosperity.


Mastering Financial Excellence: Explore Our Account Services

Navigate the complexities of finance with precision and confidence. Discover our Account Services for a solid financial foundation and business prosperity.


We provide highly acknowledged and outsourced Payroll Services for our clients in diversified businesses. Taking care of huge number of employee’s salary calculations, tax deductions, employment insurance and all kinds of other deductions to come to a Net Salary value.

Book Keeping

Dynamik Solutionz excels in book keeping and keeping records of all financial activities for Capital and Revenue expenditures, cost manipulations, budgeting, decision making and all kinds of other financial assets.

T4, T4A, T5

T4’ is related to the summary of deductions from employee’s salary. Total deductions which includes CPP, EI & taxes (Provincial & Federal). Furthermore, the employer contribution according to the relation of CRA given ratio that is forwarded to Canada Revenue Agency.

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Taxation Matters

How can you neglect the importance of tax and taxation matters for the success of your business? We are highly updated and recognize the importance of organized tax accounting matters. Please be aware of the laws and changes.

File Archive

File archiving and digital storage is part of the modern digital accounting environment. Have the necessary expertise through us and fulfill all your needs for dependable physical storage.

Global Accounting Matters

Accounting with international standards is the benchmark of our trusted services in action. Operational in more than one country and innumerable employees, we are delighted to serve you in the most legitimate ways. Let us bring you closer to modern business dimensions.

24/7 Availability & Accessibility

We are available & accessible 24/7 with the most standardized customer service available readily. With highly reduced response time you can’t miss the best available advice.

Guaranteed Consultancy

We provide consultancy matters that guarantee success at some level according to your business requirements. The 24/7 availability of consultancy services will never bring any hindrances in your business functions. A 100% Guaranteed solution, wherever you are present.

Admin Services

Our dedicated team is highly trained to deliver for your convenience regards to all kinds of administrative work. Paperwork, contracts, legal papers & tax documents. Please allow us to take care of all the administrative procedures.


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Experience cutting-edge Digital Solutions, Accounting, and POS services designed for transformative results and business growth.

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We prioritize your success. Our customer-centric focus ensures tailored solutions, timely support, and a seamless experience throughout your journey.

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Join a community of thriving businesses. Dynamik Solutionz boasts a proven track record of delivering excellence and driving measurable success.

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